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  1. Thankyou so much, this is spot on I’ve been going around in these circles for 15 yrs with my ex and I have always known what I’ve needed to do and have tried to a point but always i get pulled back in….even knowing the probable out come. Thankyou again x

  2. OMG! Great insight, and quite a detailed reading – much more than I expected. The reading, which Amanda wrote out for me, was for 3 tarot cards (past, present & future) and she was so on point. I should have been more precise with my request for guidance, as I think I would have got EVEN more from Amanda’s reading.
    I love Amanda and her gentle guidance and insights.

  3. I thought I’d get told which cards Amanda pulled for me and a couple of lines explaining each one. My reading was much more than that. It was in-depth, and I didn’t understand everything when I first read it, but I got more and more things from my reading each time I read it. Thank you Amanda.

  4. Wow just wow, I am absolutely amazed and overwhelmed at the reading I’ve just had from Amanda. Firstly she spoke of a person with breathing problems, my Mam had COPD, then she mentioned someone closely connected to her with the initial S, my sister Sandra lived at home with my mam, Amanda spoke about “ me Mam” which is how I would pronounce it, she also spoke about my mam holding a white flower for an anniversary it’s our 27th anniversary on Friday, the breathing problems my husband has are not to do with smoking in the usual sense as he has never smoked cigarettes but he suffers from breathing problems because he was carbon monoxide poisoned at work over a period of time. So again Amanda was spot on. The younger person in spirit who Amanda said passed over tragically was my youngest brother who was killed at 32 years old when the roof caved in at Allerton Bywater colliery in 1991. Everything Amanda mentioned was accurate right down to being told I should develop my psychic side and being a bit afraid of this but I am going to be applying to join one of Amanda’s classes in the very near future. Thank you so much for this reading Amanda I feel so blessed xxxx

  5. Brilliant and lovely lady, great empathy and spot on with the things she says. Had the pleasure to do various training with Amanda and she really is the best!!
    Cannot speak any more highly of her and her training, meditation

  6. Amanda gave me a free one card pull in Facebook post, and the reading was very insightful and exactly what I needed to hear! I was actually stunned because the card represented exactly what I was going through. a very talented and blessed lady. Thank you. x

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