You can smudge a room, a work space, a whole house and even your own aura. For some people, smudging is a ceremonial, divine communion that brings a closer connection to the spirit world. More generally, we smudge to remove old, stale and negative emotional & spiritual energies from the spaces we occupy, literally changing the vibrational energy at will, in the same way we clean dirt & dust from our surroundings that may otherwise become harmful to our health.

You can never smudge too much or too often, however, I suggest you open the doors & windows to encourage air flow especially if you’ve chosen a particularly smoky smudge source! It is the smoke from burning dried herbs, most commonly white sage, which absorb the residual negativity from past illnesses, arguments, emotional upheaval etc.

The most common smoke/vapour sources are sticks or wands of tied, dried herbs such as white sage, cedar, frankincense –you can also buy these as loose leaves which you burn in a flame & heat proof dish. However, you may prefer an organic, minimally processed incense stick or cones. Whatever you choose, a key aspect of smudging is setting your intention, so do give this some serious thought before you begin any smudging session.


Set your intention by offering a prayer & requesting light & love be given as you work. Cautiously light the smudge stick or incense until it begins to smoke (blow out any flames!). Either move the smoking stick in circles around you (from toes to head), or waft the smoke over your body with a hand or a feather. Imagine the smoke absorbing anything that does not serve to keep your mind, body & spirit healthy & well. Visualise white angelic light surrounding you, bringing a sense of positivity, peace and newness. Relight the smudge stick whenever it ceases to smoke.

When you feel ready, move on to cleansing your room using the same technique & visualisations – remember to go in the corners of each room as well as above & below furniture. You may wish to recite a prayer or mantra, such as the one below, whenever you smudge:



When you have finished, either let the smudge or incense stick burn out in a heat resistant dish (e.g. Abalone shell), gently push down/stub out the burning embers or even bury it into earth.

*~* Never leave burning smudge sticks unattended *~*

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