My experience with Amanda Norton’s Distant Healing Reiki was absolutely outstanding. To summarise or put in words all the benefits and help these Reiki sessions gave me, my family and especially my 87 year old father will be difficult, but I will do my best. My dad has been in a semi-comatose condition for the last six months. Amanda became a communication link between my beloved father and my family (in Paraguay). Amanda has provided us with specific and accurate details of my father needs that not even doctors could identify. She also gave us information regarding my father’s life that my neither I nor my sisters new and that we confirmed with other family members and friends of my father. We have no words to express our gratitude. Amanda’s help is absolutely priceless and has given us relief and comfort during these very difficult times.


When I had Reiki with Amanda I had no preconceived ideas but had once had a treatment with another practitioner. I was made to feel very much at ease and Amanda gave me a full explanation of what would happen and what I could expect. Her Reiki room is a calm, safe, relaxing place that smelt lovely. While receiving the treatments(s) I felt relaxed, warmth from the treatment and saw beautiful green and purple colours. I can’t remember how long the treatment took, because it followed a natural beginning, middle and ending and I didn’t have my watch on. At the end of the treatment Amanda talked to me about my experience and brought me water to drink. She also gave me advice about what I might expect and a beautifully printed copy of the Just for Today principles of Dr Usui. I have also have the privilege of receiving distant healing from Amanda which was a very relaxing and colourful experience; I saw much more vivid swirling purple colours. I have had a number of treatments with Amanda and each time I feel that she gave freely of her time to ensure that they were the best experience I could have. Sadly I live too far away to be able to visit her as much as I did, but I have no hesitation in recommending her to others as a thoroughly professional and compassionate Reiki practitioner and genuinely caring person.


I first visited Amanda about 6 months ago.  I have tried several “alternative” treatments for a skin condition that I have – Vitiligo for which conventional medicine has no answers.  It is not life threatening but as long time sun lover it does make life more difficult as I now burn.  My skin is patchy white and so a tad unsightly although I think I notice it more than others!!
Amanda was very warm and welcoming and give off a cosy relaxed feeling!
We discussed in great details my issues both skin related and others and she told me about another skin condition that Reiki had been successful in treating. I was slightly nervous having had acupuncture (which hurt) previously! Amanda soon put my mind at rest that it was a relaxing treatment and no pain!
The room where she does her treatments is a calm and beautifully serene space and the on the couch is a heated pad.  Bliss.  Although you are treated fully dressed. I am not totally sure exactly what Amanda does during the treatment as I seem to float away to an amazingly relaxed place.
After the treatment which seems to take the best part of two hours usually with all the talking before and afterwards, Amanda goes into great depth as to what she felt and saw in and around me.  She usually has had some amazingly insightful feelings and pointers, together with recommendations to go away with, and an aftercare sheet detailing the practicalities.
My skin condition hasn’t gone but it hasn’t got any worse and maybe I feel better about it but I love going to Amanda and the feelings I come away with regardless of the outcome of the skin condition.
I would definitely recommend Amanda to anyone looking to experience Reiki or anyone suffering from any sort of condition that may be stress related.  I will be booking again soon!


I arranged Reiki healing with Amanda at the beginning of this year as my marriage had fallen apart and I was very stressed particularly as my body makes too much cortisol (the stress hormone) and I suffer from Cushing’s disease. So I had high expectations. Amanda did not disappoint.
Amanda’s treatment room was very relaxing with a lovely aroma. She explained the procedure to me very fully and put me at ease. I really did not know what to expect but at the end I felt more relaxed. Afterwards Amanda fully explained the results and provided me with handouts which included what I needed to do immediately (drinking plenty of water etc) and a diagram showing the chakras. We discussed ways I could relax more including meditation. A couple of weeks later I had another follow up session. After this one we discussed the changes in my chakras and the positive impact Reiki has had for me.
I would thoroughly recommend Reiki healing and Amanda in particular, to anyone.
A few months ago when I was experiencing some indecision, Amanda completed a distance Reiki session for me. Following this she sent me a long email detailing her findings.
I would add that Amanda is a very caring and compassionate person who has everyone’s interest at heart. She has been a counsellor to me and encourages people to question themselves and think more deeply.