Development Groups/Circles

Psychic Development

My weekly Psychic Development Groups (I run several, both mornings & evenings and weekday & weekends!) are aimed at beginner to intermediate levels of knowledge and skills. During each Group, I also take you on a purposeful guided meditation, which is healing, interesting and revealing in some way. But let’s back up a bit – you need to understand exactly what Psychic Development is…

WE ARE ALL PSYHIC – got that?!

Yes, we are all psychic – it’s our 6th sense (smell, sight, hearing, touch & taste being the other 5, obviously!) and the only sense you can’t really be disabled from. Everyone knows you can lose your hearing or sight, especially in old age. However, at any age you can lose your sense of taste and/or smell following a bang on the head, and you can have a stroke or spinal cord injury and lose your sense of touch/feeling. The difference with your 6th sense or psychic abilities is that they are inner gifts that are unaffected by bodily injury or other sensory loss. People think they have no psychic gifts or skills, but that is because we simply don’t rely upon them anymore. I guarantee that at some point you have met someone you instinctively did not trust or like…that is your intuition, and intuition is a psychic skill!

Being a MEDIUM is totally different to being psychic! And…not everyone IS a medium…you can’t learn it, you were either born with an ability to connect with spirit or you weren’t – if you were, it can be developed and enhanced at a Development Group (some people say Development Circle) but, just so you know, it can take many YEARS of dedication and Group attendance to hone your mediumistic qualities. Now, to be clear, a medium has one job and one job ONLY…to prove that your soul lives and journeys on after it leaves your physical body. To prove this, a decent medium will link with someone in spirit and provide you with enough description & details so that you know who they are connecting with (physical appearance, personality, disability/illness/cause of death etc) and then give you a message that is not too wishy-washy or to generalised (e.g. they should not say vague things like…“He says to tell you he loves you and is around you all the time”) or a message that cannot easily be guessed (e.g. they should not say to a wheelchair user…“He says your mobility is getting worse, isn’t it love”).

Now, the problem comes when even those ‘in the business’ can’t get the terminology right – some people use only Tarot or Angel cards but not link with spirit but call themselves a Psychic Medium. Likewise, someone who uses no tools or props (cards, a bracelet left to you by your Gran who passed on 20 years ago) but reliably just gives messages from your loved ones in spirit will also call themselves a Psychic but they are only using their mediumistic gifts, not their innate psychic skills. Confusing isn’t it!!

It gets more confusing when you discover that information using your psychic gifts and your mediumistic gifts come through to you in the same way!! Through what we call The Clairs (clairvoyance/clear seeing, clairaudience/clear hearing, claircognisance/clear knowing etc) – we learn all about these at Group! At Group we explore many aspects of psychic work, especially in the beginning!! Much later on, we discover more about Guides, Angels, Guardians etc and how to connect and work with them. Later still, for those who are willing and able, we do open up to working with spirit to get messages for yourself and others.

The reason I say ‘Psychic Development’ in my Group description or title is to deter people rushing to join a ‘learn to be a medium’ Group, and also to reinforce the heavy emphasis on working psychically. At the heart of all the work done in my Meditation & Psychic Development Groups is an underlining current of personal development – a need to move on, to grow, to mature and evolve in this life so that we’re not the person we were yesterday, last year or even 5 years ago.

We all need to grow and develop – life really isn’t about the car you drive, how much money you make or even how many times you give to charitable causes. It is so much more than that, and FYI…you are a spirit having a human journey! And this current human journey that your spirit is on is one of many human journeys. Think about that. REALLY think about that, and if this interests you, then perhaps now might be the right time to join one of our Meditation & Psychic Development Groups, and if so, please e-mail me ( to see what places are available.