Breath Awareness Meditation

Developing a greater awareness of the breath is both beneficial and therapeutic for everyone – young and old alike! It can bring focus to our overloaded mental world, help to bring anxieties under control, as well as relieve the stress we may associate with work, relationships and other situations in our hectic, daily lives.

This is a simple, easy to follow guided meditation, which everyone can use to practice breath awareness – including children with parental supervision!

At the end of the meditation, you can return to your day feeling calmer and more relaxed. If you notice your stress and anxiety levels rising at any time, just practice the breathing techniques from this recording until you feel more in control of things again.

  • Please do not drive or operate machinery whilst listening to this meditation.
  • You can stop this meditation at any time.
  • You can go to sleep (although I hope you listen till the end!!) at any time too!

Recording length – 18 minutes
Music – DavGar “Haystacks”

© 2017 Spirit of Norton

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