Jenny Smedley’s Angels

Jenny Smedley is a compassionate & gifted angel expert, lyricist and much published author, as well as a columnist for ‘Chat, it’s Fate’ and a feature writer for ‘Soul & Spirit’ magazine.

Have you been fortunate enough to have a personalised Angel portrait done by Jenny? If so, as one of Jenny’s recommended Angel readers, I would be thrilled to offer an interpretive reading for you. You will also receive either a 3-card Tarot reading or a 1 or 2 card current life Angel guidance reading (you choose which).

PLEASE use the contacts page to check I am free to complete a reading for you, BEFORE you click here to purchase an Angel Portrait Reading!!

If you haven’t yet had a personalised Angel portrait created by Jenny, please visit her website for details and prices, then email so you can be added to the waiting list. One of Jenny’s Angel portraits is also an excellent gift for a friend or loved one!!

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