Getting the most out of simple meditation

  • Quieten the mind and reach an inner state of stillness – very healing and great for calming & de-stressing oneself.
  • We all need to practice dis-engaging the mind, entering a different state of consciousness & reaching a natural state of Alpha, like a daydream state or that pre-sleep state where your mind is open, empty or drifting (because there are fewer brain wave cycles per second).
  • We can listen to our inner voice, whatever you believe that to mean!
  • Meditation is thought by some to be the opposite of prayer, which is generally when we ASK for things – i.e. our communication lines are “on send”. However, in meditation, we LISTEN…we can access & explore new levels of consciousness and deeper personal awareness – i.e. our communication lines are “on receive”.

Things that come to us during regular meditation can be big or small life issues for example…

o   The path our life is on, and/or the journey we’ve had so far.

o   The meaning of our time on earth – can we give more of ourselves to mankind? What difference have we made?

o   Our relationships & our changing roles with others


As a Reiki Master / Teacher, I guide everyone in my Groups to open their Chakras, as this is healthy and brings balance to the mind, body & soul.
The ancient Sanskrit word “Chakra” means spinning vortex.  Basically, Chakras are energy centres that relate to difference aspects of our being – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. When these Chakras under or over perform there are consequences to how we function.

There are 7 main Chakras on the body that healers concentrate on:

Base (Root)


Solar Plexus

Heart. Throat

Third Eye (Brow)