Distant Reiki Healing

As we know, having a wonderful 1-2-1 Reiki treatment encourages healing & personal well-being by rebalancing the energy centres (Chakras), within the body. Correcting the Chakra’s energy brings about a deep sense of wellness to the mind, body & soul.

However, what happens if a client is unable to come to the Practitioner? Distant Reiki Healing is what happens!! Reiki is not limited by time, location or occasion.

Reiki healing can be sent very effectively to a person who cannot physically be present for a treatment session. It can also be sent forwards (e.g. in preparation for an interview) and backwards (e.g. to heal past emotional events) in time as well. This means you can benefit from Reiki healing regardless of where you are in the world, or when you encountered the issues that brought about disharmony to your system and the need for healing.

Reiki is blooming incredible, and sending Distant Reiki healing is an absolute privilege for any Reiki Practitioner!

NB. If you wish to book a Distant Reiki Healing session, it’s very important that you get in touch via my contacts page, to ensure I’m available when you need me, BEFORE completing the payment process in our online Shop.

Distant Reiki Healing (20-30 minute session) £25