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**PLEASE use the contacts page to check I am available to complete a reading for you, BEFORE you purchase it!!
(PayPal take a cut of your payment, so if I have to return your money, it will have the PayPal charges automatically deducted!)

As one of Jenny Smedley’s recommended Angel readers, I am delighted that you are interested in having a more in-depth, interpretive reading done of your Angel portrait.

If I have not seen your Angel portrait (i.e. I have not commented on it when Jenny has shared it on Facebook!) then please e-mail it to me (

In addition to the Angel portrait reading, you will also receive one of the following (indicate your preference at the time of purchase):

  • 3-card Tarot reading
  • 1 or 2 card current life Angel guidance reading

* Typically, readings will be completed within 5-7 days of purchase. Often, it is quicker but this depends on my workload and teaching commitments.

NB. You are ONLY purchasing my interpretive reading of an Angel portrait plus a personalised card reading!!! 

If you haven’t yet had a personalised Angel portrait created by Jenny, please visit her website for all the details and prices, then email her ( so you can be added to the waiting list.

One of Jenny’s Angel portraits is also an excellent gift for a friend or loved one!!

9 thoughts on “Jenny Smedley Angel Portrait Reading

  1. Just got my reading for my Angel of Mist from Amanda. Absolutely fantastic how spot on she was about what’s happening in my life now and were I am hoping to be. I would 100% recommend a reading from Amanda. Thanks again.

  2. Had an amazing reading from Amanda on my Angels of the Mists portrait by Jenny Smedley. She got me perfectly and the info she gave was exact . Saving so I can get another, have already recommended Amanda to others. Love this lady and her work.

  3. Amanda has kindly done my Future angel reading and wow I cannot honestly stop reading it,,,,,,her words make total sense to me and what I have already been considering Amanda has now confirmed I was on the right track so happy I decided to to this done, it is highly recommended.

  4. Dear Amanda
    Thank you so much. To say you’ve hit the nail on the head is an understatement. 
    I’ve been divorced since 2009 and in a legal battle with my ex husband over our daughter. 2 years ago it came to light that he’d been sexually abusing her. He abused me mentally for many years and I did not know. I have court again in 2 weeks time and pray that this shall all be over. My daughter was diagnosed with arthritis last year which has made her very insecure, even more than usual! 
    I have spent all my time fighting for justice and the truth and I do feel that I am being judged all the time. I acknowledge that I’ve made many mistakes but I am trying my best. 
    I have undertaken many courses, I have qualified as a crystal therapist and hypnotherapist. I haven’t pursued it as my ex husband is using the hypnotherapy against me. 
    I do feel like I don’t fit in and that I am being reborn. I love the Phoenix as I can relate to her. I am getting stronger but sometimes I do feel I’m losing. I am strong but do feel alone. I have had a relationship with a man that couldn’t commit and I am still very much “hung up” on him. 
    The tarot readings were interesting. I have been trying to build up my credit as my ex left me in a lot of debt and I do buy things to make me feel better but I know it doesn’t. 
    I have tried meditation and need to really focus on this. I always get caught up in the drama of people around me. I have started to separate myself from certain energy vampires and I am able to see these individuals for who they are. 
    I totally agree that I can come across aloof. I do create barriers as I’m scared of getting hurt. I value this life so much and want to help people. Oddly enough I have been considering writing, starting a blog and even be a speaker! I can’t believe that came across in my reading. 
    I am currently having investigations due to a breast lump. I worked in oncology as a nurse and have had many family members suffering from it. I do have chest problems too. 
    I am so grateful to you and Jenny and all the other wonderful people that have come into my life to help and guide me. I pray that the future is brighter and that I learn all that I can so that I may help people. I really believe that my purpose in life is to help and that’s my higher calling xxx
    Thank you ??xxx

  5. (In response to being sent a Future Angel portrait reading from a client…)
    What a fabulous reading! Aren’t I lucky to have Amanda as one of my recommended readers? I knew she would be fabulous when I chose her, but this proves it. It is very comprehensive and therefore very good value too!

  6. Just received my reading from Amanda and all I can say is Wow!! She was spot on with everything, and given me a lot to think about. I’ve saved my reading so I can re read again as it is so detailed. I can 100% recommend a reading from Amanda and I will be ordering again in the future. Thank you so much xx

  7. I just had an Angel of the Mist reading from Amanda… Wow! Absolutely spot on with what’s going on for me and her description of my Mum was very accurate. Even my beloved cat who recently passed was in there, she even got her name… I’m amazed and grateful. I keep re-reading it, it’s so nice to know that even when I feel alone…. My team are right there beside me, guiding me along my path. I would most definitely recommend Amanda for readings, I will most certainly be coming back to her in the future. You are Amazing! ❤️ July 2017

  8. Thank you Amanda for this beautiful yet spot on reading. I only can say “wow”! You picked up on things no-one really knows about & confirmed what I am doing is right for me. The guidance helps me to move forward & gives me plenty of food for thought. It also helps to know what needs more attention. So, if you’d like an amazing reading, have one done by Amanda. I can only recommend her.

  9. I had a lovely reading by Amanda on my future angel. There were many things in my reading that made perfect sense and it was such an uplifting read giving me great comfort and a smile on my face the entire time i was reading it. I’ll definitely be coming back to Amanda in the future, very talented lady 🙂 thank you Amanda.

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